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5 Types of Paint Finish for Your House

Aug 24

When we first start painting interior rooms in our customers' homes, one of the most important conversations we have with them is about what kind of paint they should use. The type of paint will have a specific durability and can also determine the look. Many colors are available to help you narrow down your choices.  recommends that customers visit their local hardware store to view the wide range of colors available. It's a great way to not only pick your favorite colors, but also to choose the paint you would like to use. We use Sherwin Williams paint and offer a color visualizer for our customers.

Each paint will come with a sample.

It can be overwhelming. We know. This can be made easier by knowing the room you want to paint.

Below is a guide that will help you choose the right paint for the room you want to paint.

Different types of paint finishes

Flat Ceilings, Dining Rooms, Adult Bedrooms, Lowest Reflective, Best for Low Traffic
Satin-Home Office, kids' rooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. Indoor and outdoor. Most popular. Pearl-like matte with a hint of sheen. Resists mildew.
Eggshell Hallways, living areas, entryways, Mid-traffic area, Balance of gloss and matte, easy to clean with a damp cloth
Semi Gloss – Bathrooms, Kitchens and higher traffic areas.
High Gloss – Cabinets, Trim and molding, More reflective, easier to clean, and more decorative.

Different types of sheen

Flat or matte paints are those without sheen. They are more sensitive to light and therefore non-reflective.

Semi-gloss paint finishes or glossier sheens reflect light giving them a shiny appearance.

Paints with a slight in-between sheen are just that. They have a low to medium visible gloss that absorbs light and then reflect it.

Different types of paint finishes


Flat finishes provide a smooth, non-reflective appearance and are best for low traffic areas. They can be used on ceilings and dining rooms but also on walls in living rooms and spare bedrooms.
Matte paint requires fewer coats than higher gloss paints. It is also easy to touch up with a damp cloth.


The satin finish, which is a pearl-like matte with a hint sheen, is the most popular option. It's great for indoor and outside use and has the ability to resist mildew. It is ideal for indoor spaces such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and kid's rooms. It is easier to clean than lower gloss finishes. You can use gentle cleaners in moderation.


The eggshell finish is elegant and yet has a lower sheet look. It's perfect for walls that are low to medium traffic such as living rooms and hallways. It is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


Semi-gloss finishes are more reflective and have a smoother sheen, giving rooms a sleek, shiny appearance. Semi-gloss finishes are often chosen for high traffic areas. They offer excellent resistance to moisture and work well in higher humidity rooms like bathrooms, laundry rooms and doors. Multi-cleaning options are a great way to make this finish easy to clean.

Our Paint Denver Expert Tip - We use semi-gloss white and off-white paints to give rooms a brighter appearance than other finishes.


High-gloss finishes offer the highest degree of reflection and are almost as glassy-like. High-gloss finishes are ideal for doors, moldings, trim, cabinets, and outdoor items like shutters, window casings, and other exterior sots. High gloss finishes are both beautiful and easy to clean.

The use of the room will determine the type of interior paint you choose. This will also affect the overall look of the room. There are many paint finishes to choose from. We hope you find this guide helpful and look forward to working together!



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